Northwest Registered Agent has been providing LLC and corporation legal solutions for entrepreneurs since 1998. Their no-nonsense services help entrepreneurs quickly and form their businesses affordably.

Our in-depth review will go into everything you need to know about Northwest Registered Agent and if they are a good fit for your business.

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About Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is a family-owned company with over 200 customer service specialists, called Corporate Guides, strategically placed around the United States. The company prides itself on offering its clients complete privacy, even down to the addresses used on public business forms.

Northwest Registered Agent helps businesses build a legal foundation by using ethical practices at affordable prices. They do not use bait-and-switch and data-selling techniques like other LLC builders. Instead, the company strives to gather new customers through word-of-mouth referrals.

They practice transparency, so their clients know exactly what is happening through the LLC-building project. Despite being in business since 1998, Northwest Registered Agent is continually improving to stay significant in their industry.

The company works hard to balance its training and oversight practices, so their Corporate Guides can work with the right amount of autonomy. Northwest Registered Agent understands that complacency destroys companies, while too much internal control often creates inefficiency. The company’s goal is longevity while doing business the right way.

Structure Breakdown: Who is Northwest Registered Agent Good For?

Northwest Registered Agent helps entrepreneurs who want to legally form a new business. The company helps create business entities by filling out and filing state forms. They also search for LLC names, prepare the articles of organization, and serve as a registered agent. They will also obtain a federal tax ID, file annual compliance forms, and provide other corporate legal supplies.

Below is a breakdown of which types of business entities they are a good fit for.


Northwest Registered Agent helps entrepreneurs with the legal filings for LLCs or a limited liability company. These small businesses are smaller than corporations and less expensive to organize, but have similar personal liability limitations. An LLC can have one owner or several.

Some of the terminology can be difficult to understand, and choosing the best tax strategy can be complicated for people without a legal background. Different states have distinct rules and regulations for new and existing LLCs, and Northwest Registered Agent keeps track of all of the requirements. They offer a completely free package as well that walks you through the process of opening an LLC.


Northwest Registered Agent helps entrepreneurs establish both types of corporations - S and C. Before incorporating, businesses need to designate a registered agent. The registered agent accepts legal and state mail, and Northwest Registered Agent does this for corporations that wish to use this service.

Using Northwest Registered Agent lets business owners keep their personal information out of the public record.

The company also helps small businesses find a distinct name for their new entity. They submit articles of incorporation and get a federal employer identification number (FEIN). They also help write corporate bylaws, hold meetings, and take care of financial requirements like opening bank accounts and file state tax documents.

The company offers tons of add ons for a fair price as well including S corporation election, corporate supplies, and a New York publication service.


Partnerships are like sole proprietorships but with two or more owners. They are easier to create than LLCs and corporations, but partnerships do not provide the same liability coverage. Northwest Registered Agent can help business owners decide what type of partnership to create:

  • A general partnership that involves signing a basic agreement.
  • A limited partnership that involves completing and submitting forms to the state.
  • A limited liability partnership gives individual owners protection against other partners.
  • A limited liability limited partnership with one managing partner while providing limited liability to the others.

Sole Proprietorships

Sole proprietorships are the easiest type of business to create and do not require any formal paperwork. A sole proprietorship and a business owner are one in the same, so sole proprietorships do not provide any legal or liability limitations. Sole proprietors usually need simple forms like state licenses or permits. Northwest Registered Agents does not offer assistance for sole proprietors.


Northwest Registered Agent works with people who want to form a non-profit organization to help their communities. Non-profit businesses cannot distribute profits to the owners. Non-profits are usually organized as corporations but have added forms under IRS Section 501.

Non-profits can be tax-exempt, and they can do many of the same things that most businesses do, like have employees, own assets, and receive income from sales. Non-profits are complicated, so working with an experienced agency is recommended.

Northwest Registered Agent Packages & Pricing

Free Account - $0

The free account offered by Northwest Registered Agent is a basic package for entrepreneurs that wish to have some assistance with forming a company but do not need the services that come with the package deal.

The free account does not offer registered agent services or filing, but it does provide helpful information and tools for starting your company. If you decide to pay for some individual services or switch to a paid account, you can always do so at any time.

A La Carte Services - $225 upfront, variable per year

Northwest Registered Agent offers one pricing package and several add-ons. For $225, Northwest Registered Agent incorporates your business and acts as a registered agent for one year. If you wish to keep them as your registered agent, you pay them $125 annually.

Compared to other providers, Northwest Registered Agent charges more than most for legal filings, but their annual maintenance fee is less than other agencies. Despite the $225 package price, Northwest Registered Agent offers outstanding services to business owners.

When you place an order with Northwest Registered Agent, you see how they have streamlined the process. Once you share your business details, they do not upsell or share your business details. They file the legal forms and create the entity for you. The $225 package includes the first year of acting as your registered agent - which is $125 annually after the first year.

Since they act as your registered agent, government documents arrive at their business. They receive junk mail for you too. They scan and send all documents they receive in the mail, so you can see what comes your way. This is a win for many small business owners, as their personal information is protected from prying eyes.

For $225, Northwest also provides new business owners with other essential documents, like corporate bylaws, stock certificates, and initial resolutions. The $225 price is more than many other organizations charge, but the Northwest services are more thorough.

Along with all of the added forms, Northwest also offers top-notch customer service, which is worth more than the $225 package price. After you have exhausted your first year of service, you can use Northwest to submit your annual report to the state for $100 plus the state’s filing fee. They can also help you maintain other compliance needs.

Northwest’s packaging pricing is simple, as they only offer one service at $225. After you’ve worked with them for one year, you can choose other services to continue working with them. Their customer service representatives can help you understand what annual services you need.

Overall Value vs. The Competition

Northwest Registered Agent is a bit more expensive than other LLC services options on the market. However, you get what you pay for with their outstanding customer service, which we will touch on more below.

If you want to compare head-to-head, read some of our comparisons below.

Northwest Registered Agent Document Management & Online Experience

One of the best services Northwest Registered Agent offers is document management. As your registered agent, their address is the legal one for your business. Therefore, they receive all of your company’s mail, from government documents to junk mail. They scan all of the mail they receive and send scans to you. Other agencies only scan the government mail, but Northwest scans it all.

Another top feature is how Northwest protects your information online. They use a proprietary chat app to protect your online security. They also use their own code and security system to protect the information you send on the originating document. They strive to make your online experience the safest they can, and they continually work to keep your information safe.

Northwest Registered Agent Processing Time

Northwest cannot promise a processing time, but they do work quickly and efficiently. Some states have slow turn-around times, which slows the processing time for Northwest. If the state delivers quickly, Northwest might finish the process in a couple of days. Most people wait a few weeks because states are often backlogged with filing documents.

The $225 fee includes a processing time based on the state’s time, usually around ten business days. Most states offer an expedited processing time for an additional fee.

Northwest offers clients the opportunity to pay that fee to get their documents processed at a faster rate. For example, if you are filing in Michigan, you can pay an additional $100 to have your records processed in one day. If you are filing in New Jersey, the one-day filing fee is an additional $130.

Northwest Registered Agent Compliance & Track Record

Northwest Registered Agent has been processing business documents since 1998. They were the first registered agent to scan all documents and send them to customers. They have helped entrepreneurs legally file documents for about two million businesses. According to the site, they help form about 200 new companies daily.

They have the best customer service in the industry, and online reviews for the company are positive. They work hard to stay up-to-date on the rules and regulations regarding business formation in all 50 states.

Northwest Registered Agent Customer Service

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the most expensive organizations for filing new business documents. What separates them from the less costly organizations is their outstanding customer service. When you choose a less expensive agent to file for you, you get limited customer service, and many of those agencies have lower costs because they sell your data.

When you work with Northwest, you get 24/7 customer service and protected personal data. Once you become a Northwest customer, you can access their proprietary chat app and a customer service phone number for immediate assistance. You can also complete their online form for answers within 24 hours.

Northwest set the standard for registered agents.

Their industry-leading scan-and-deliver mail procedure separates them from other companies that only scan government documents. As the leader in customer service, Northwest scans and delivers all mail they receive on your behalf. This practice shows their dedication to top-notch customer service, especially considering that they have opened around two million businesses.

The Last Word: Is Northwest Registered Agent Worth It?

When you want the best business-formation services, Northwest Registered Agent is one of our top choices. Their services are not cheap, but you get what you pay for, including outstanding customer service and protected personal data.

Northwest Registered Agent is the right choice for entrepreneurs who want their business documents filed correctly and want their personal information to remain confidential. Northwest serves entrepreneurs who wish to form an LLC, C or S Corporation, or a Non-profit business in any of the 50 states.

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