Welcome to CorpStructures.com, a resource for accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand information on creating and managing your business.

We're a group a real business owners. Our team of entrepreneurs and review board of licensed CPAs and business lawyers have been through all the hoops and obstacles that come with setting up a business entity and know how confusing it can be, especially with different requirements in each state.

Our mission is to help make those difficult decisions easier through our library of fact-checked advice columns, comprehensive reviews, and answers to the most common questions about how to set up your business the right way.

Our Team & Review Board


Mike Yon

Single-Member LLC
Multi-Member LLC

Mike is the proprietor of CorpStructures.com and leads research to help new business owners get established. He is based in North Carolina and owns multiple businesses.

Review Board Member

Billie Anne Grigg

Mastery Certified Profit First Professional
Owner, Pocket Protector Bookkeeping
QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

Review Board Member

Janet Berry-Johnson

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
10+ years experience in public accounting
Investopedia Financial Review Board Member

Our Editorial Process

The decisions you make when forming a business entity are serious and important to the security and well-being of your business, and more importantly, yourself and your family.

Our editorial process focuses on accuracy, timeliness, and breaking down all the corporate speak into terms you can actually understand.

We have a strict review system for each of the business services we research as well to help you make the best decision possible. Every single word we publish is independently reviewed by our review board of business lawyers and accountants to make sure you're getting accurate advice.

Written and edited by business owners and experts

Fact-checked by licensed CPAs and professionals

Regularly updated to reflect the latest information

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