Starting a new business venture can be a long and complicated process, especially if you are not experienced with the legal jargon that comes with filling out and processing all the necessary paperwork. There are thousands of online services and businesses you can use for document processing, but how do you know which one is the right fit for you? We are here to help you make that decision.

Nationwide Incorporators is one of the many options for entrepreneurs looking for some assistance starting up their new company.

Interested in Nationwide Incorporators?

About Nationwide Incorporators

Nationwide Incorporators was founded in 1997 by Mike Ross, an experienced business attorney. Using his knowledge of law and corporation compliance, he created a company to help entrepreneurs with the documentation required to start a new business.

Nationwide Incorporators is not a law firm and they do not give legal advice to their customers. However, their knowledge of business laws and compliance guidelines gives them the unique ability to help their customers. The company's background allows them to guide their clients through the process and ensure that all documents are filled out correctly before they are sent out for processing.

Structure Breakdown: Who is Nationwide Incorporators Good For?

Nationwide Incorporators is a solid option for several business types. Here are some of the different business entities that Nationwide can help with.


The Nationwide Incorporators website is catered towards LLCs, with various informative articles on starting up an LLC.

Their entity formation packages for LLCs are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, ranging from $200-$375, depending on which package level you prefer. While their packages are more costly than some of their competitors, they have a lot of knowledge and experience working with LLCs for prospective clients.

Nationwide Incorporators helps LLCs form the company and file articles of organization.


Nationwide Incorporators specializes in finding the right entity type for you. If you believe a corporation is the best option, they can assist you with the two types of corporations available.

The company also offers assistance with preparing tax documents for C and S corporations as an add-on to their base packages. They can help you customize corporate bylaws and create stock certificates for the initial shareholders as well.

Corporation services are bit pricer than an LLC service with Nationwide Incorporators.


The company does not offer packages for partnerships but does have educational information for general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships.

Sole Proprietorships

You have an option with Nationwide Incorporators to file a DBA (doing business as), but the service is a bit too expensive for sole proprietors. We recommend using a cheaper service such as ZenBusiness.


Nationwide Incorporators offers packages for entity formation services for non-profit corporations in the $200-375 range. The package helps form the non-profit and file the tax-exempt status paperwork. The cost of their services may be outside of the budget for a non-profit business, especially for small, donation-run non-profits.

Nationwide Incorporators Packages & Pricing

Here are the three package tiers available from Nationwide Incorporators. Keep in mind that none of the prices include any state fees nor a registered agent service. The registered agent service costs an extra $150 per year.

Basic Package - $200 + state fees

The Basic package includes:

  • Business name check availability for your state
  • Preparing and filing your Articles of Formation
  • Customized action by Incorporation electing your first Board of Directors
  • Sample minutes and bylaws

Priority Deluxe Package - $425 + state fees

The Priority Deluxe package gives you the same base features of the Basic package, plus:

  • Priority processing time
  • Personalized minute book
  • Custom bylaws
  • Custom organization minutes
  • Custom stock certificates
  • Custom stock ledger

Priority Premium Package - $475 + state fees

The Priority Premium takes the benefits of the Priority Deluxe package and adds:

  • Preparation of Federal application for tax identification number (EIN)
  • Obtaining EID from Internal Revenue Service (so you can open a corporate bank account immediately)
  • Two years of MinuteMinder service for free ($250 value)

Pricing Notes

We've highlighted the LLC pricing above since that's the most common structure. However, pricing for the three packages varies depending on the type of business entity you are creating.

For LLCs, Business Corporations, and Non-Profit Corporations, the prices are $200 for Basic packages, $425 for Priority Deluxe packages, and $475 for Priority Premium packages.

For Professional Corporations and PLLCs (available in applicable states), the prices are $325 for Basic packages, $525 for Priority Deluxe packages, and $575 for Priority Premium packages.

Note that all prices are subject to additional state taxes.


All packages have customizable add-ons available for you to choose from, including:

  • Expedited processing times: varies based on formation state
  • Registered agent services for the first year of business: $145
  • Deluxe Kit including a minute book, certificates, seals, etc.: $175 add on for a Basic package
  • MinuteMinder service: $200 add on for Basic and Priority Deluxe packages
  • Assistance with preparing an application for EIN: $100 add on for Basic and Priority Deluxe packages
  • Prepare S Corporation Election and process with IRS: $100
  • Tax Payer Identification form: $150
  • Assistance with filing and preparing initial reports: $115+state taxes
  • Certified copy of Formation Document: $25+state taxes
  • Assistance with preparing an application for Seller's Permit: $150
  • Assistance with preparing an application for General Business License: $150

Overall Value vs. The Competition

The pricing ranges for Nationwide Incorporators are on the higher end in comparison to some other online services out there. But one of the main draws for this company is that your documents and applications are being reviewed and processed by business attorneys.

With first-hand experience of what is required, Nationwide Incorporators can help you every step of the way to ensure there are no errors in your documents.

We were not very impressed with the fact that none of the packages include registered agent services. Most other online incorporation services provide at least a free trial with a registered agent. The cost of the premium package of nearly $500 is definitely on the high end, and the fact that entrepreneurs would need to pay an extra $150 for a registered agent makes this price tag too high for most businesses.

Nationwide Incorporators Document Management & Online Experience

The value of assistance is only as good as the people that will be assisting you. Having your documents prepared and managed by people with a thorough understanding of the legal requirements for entity formation ensures that your application processes and document management will go as smoothly as possible.

Nationwide Incorporators’ website is an incredible resource for educational articles, comprehensive information breakdowns, and more. Their price breakdowns and package charts make it easy to understand all the possible options available for purchase and include specific listings of each state's fees.

While the website has a lot of incredible features, it is jam-packed. This can make it challenging to navigate for first-time users, as there are so many different sidebars and links to click that it begins to look cluttered.

While the resources they provide have invaluable and comprehensive information to help the budding entrepreneurs, the website could benefit from a more streamlined design.

Nationwide Incorporators Processing Time

Processing time mostly depends on two things: 1) the package you selected when you ordered your document, and 2) your state’s average processing times. Priority Deluxe and Priority Premium packages are prioritized by Nationwide Incorporators. So they are generally processed before Basic packages. However, you can pay a $150 fee to upgrade a Basic package to the priority processing stream.

24-48 hour processing times are available as a selection for states that offer that service. The price for expediting is $100 plus state fees.

Nationwide Incorporators also includes a disclaimer that 24-48 hour processing timelines only guarantee that the state will process documents within 24-48 hours. There can be a 2-5 business day wait for the completed forms to be delivered to you.

Nationwide Incorporators Compliance & Track Record

As a company founded and led by a business attorney, Nationwide Incorporators are familiar with the laws that businesses need to adhere to. Ensuring that customers are legally compliant is easy for them. To keep your customers compliant, you need to understand the law, and Nationwide Incorporators has an expert understanding of business compliance law.

The company also boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and stellar customer reviews. In regards to the validity of their business, the company clearly states, "check with the Texas Secretary of State to confirm we exist and are in good standing."

Nationwide Incorporators Customer Service

Nationwide Incorporators have two modes of contact for their customers. For inquiries and fundamental questions, you can fill out an online form with your question and preferred contact method for their response. For time-sensitive inquiries, call their toll-free number 1-800-503-4443 to speak with someone immediately. Their phone line is limited to their office hours and a standard 9 am - 5 pm PST Monday through Friday.

While their phone availability is restrictive—especially for those living in a different time zone—they will answer any questions you have. It is also worth noting they do not put pressure on those who call to purchase an upgraded package.

Having the option to speak directly with an employee can help potential customers struggling to navigate the information overload from the company's website.

The Last Word: Is Nationwide Incorporators Worth It?

Many different factors go into deciding which company to use to help you acquire your new business entity. What's good for one business may not be the best fit for another; it all depends on how much assistance you need and where your priorities lie.

Nationwide Incorporators is owned and operated by attorneys that can help you every step of the way. Their packages allow you to add on features, eliminating the need to find another resource to help you with strenuous paperwork, tax documents, etc.

The company's website also gives you all the free educational resources you could dream of to help you make an educated decision for your business.

Having free access to a business attorney is definitely an advantage as well as it can help you cut the cost for an attorney in the immediate future.

The only major drawback to this company is the price. Starting a new business is a significant investment, and you may not have the income to justify spending the extra money on one of Nationwide Incorporators packages. There are plenty of other great options on the market that are much more affordable than Nationwide Incorporators.

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