One of the most significant challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners face is setting up their business entity; there's a lot of paperwork, state legislation, and guidelines to consider. Navigating it can be a legal jargon-filled minefield.

There are a variety of service providers, each promising to simplify and streamline this process. Today, two will be compared - BizFilings and Nationwide Incorporators, to see which is right for you.

BizFilings vs. Nationwide Incorporators: The Verdict

It's a significant time-saver to have a professional do all the paperwork correctly for you and save you a lot of stress and effort. These companies provide services to help you create an LLC (Limited Liability Company), an S corporation, a C corporation, or a non-profit business, using their expertise to ensure you remain in good standing with all legal guidelines. At the same time, you set up your new business.

The comparison summary below will help you decide which agency is best to complete your business formation. Although both companies offer similar filing services, there are key differences.

Choose BizFilings if:

  • You want a budget package.
  • You want to set up a partnership.

Choose Nationwide Incorporators if:

  • You want services from a Better Business Bureau registered entity.
  • You value an attorney-owned business.
  • You want a more customizable service package with more add-ons available.

Services Offered & Pricing

While both companies can quickly help you when starting your business legally and efficiently, each offers slightly different benefits, though a significant overlap exists.

Key Similarities

  • Both provide online business services.
  • Both can offer sole LLC or corporation setup.
  • Both are well-rated for compliance.

Key Differences

  • Nationwide is attorney-owned and run.
  • BizFilings will let you set up a partnership.
  • BizFilings' budget options are half the price of Nationwide's comparable packages.

BizFilings Packages & Pricing

BizFilings provides up to three packages based on the type of corporation you choose, as well as the state your company resides in. All of the available packages will include 24/7 business monitoring, name verifications for businesses, and help with preparing and filing paperwork. Each package comes with a variety of tools. The tools that you can access depend on the package that you choose. No matter what package you prefer, you can continually expand on the tools to fit your business.

Basic Package - $99 + state fees

The basic package is the most affordable Package through BizFilings. With the basic package, they will set up your business to match the required minimum state guidelines.

Each basic package (except for the basic non-profit package) will total the most affordable amount based on that state that you live in. The basic non-profit package is the cheapest option.

Standard Package - $229 + state fees

The standard package will provide all of the tools needed to get your business to match the state guidelines.

With the standard package, depending on the corporation you choose to set up, you can get a complete package for an affordable price. Again, non-profit organization packages tend to be the cheapest option.

Complete Package - $359-389 + state fees

The complete package is the package with the highest value in terms of price.

While both of the other packages have many tools to add on for an extra price, the complete package already comes with most of the tools. The complete package allows your business to meet both state and federal guidelines along with the added-on tools.

A complete package is an excellent option if you want to expand your business beyond your home state. While the requirements and fees for a business vary from state to state, using the complete package can help ensure that your business can function all across the country.

If you're filing an S Corp, the Complete Package is $30 more expensive. All other business entities are at the $359 price point.

Nationwide Incorporators Packages & Pricing

Basic package - $200

The Basic Package includes:

  • Business name check availability for your state
  • Preparing and filing your Articles of Formation
  • Customized action by Incorporation electing your first Board of Directors
  • Sample minutes and bylaws

Priority Deluxe Package - $425

The Priority Deluxe package gives you the same base features of the Basic package plus:

  • Priority processing time
  • Personalized minute book
  • Custom bylaws
  • Custom organization minutes
  • Custom stock certificates
  • Custom stock ledger

Priority Premium Package - $475

The Priority Premium takes the benefits of the Priority Deluxe package and adds:

  • Preparation of Federal application for tax identification number (EIN)
  • Obtaining EID from Internal Revenue Service (so you can open a corporate bank account immediately)
  • Two years of MinuteMinder service for free ($250 value)

Pricing Notes

The pricing varies based on the business structure you use.

For LLCs, Business Corporations, Non-Profit Corporations, the prices are $200 for Basic packages, $425 for Priority Deluxe packages, and $475 for Priority Premium packages.

For Professional Corporations and PLLCs (available in applicable states), the prices are $325 for Basic packages, $525 for Priority Deluxe packages, and $575 for Priority Premium packages. Add-ons are available, including but not limited to expedited processing times, certified copies of documents, assistance with business license applications, and registered agent services at $145 for the first year of business.

Note that all prices are subject to additional state filing fees.

Document Management & Online Experience

Easy access to your business documentation is vital, whether you're starting a new company or an experienced business owner. Both websites offer a secure document management experience and lots of benefits, but there are some differences.

Key Similarities

  • Easily manage your important documents such as Sales Tax Registration, ownership certificates, and federal tax ID.
  • Both offer free resources and guides.

Key Differences

  • The BizFilings website is easier to navigate and more beginner-friendly.
  • The Nationwide Incorporators website offers more learning resources but could be streamlined for simplicity.

Processing Time

Key Similarities

  • Both offer expedited processing times, with next business day services usually being available.
  • Both will handle your documents properly and process them in line with state authority.

Key Differences

  • BizFilings, expedited processing times, cost less than Nationwide.

Compliance & Track Record

Both have excellent reputations in compliance, but there are still some critical differences with Nationwide Incorporators coming out on top in this regard.

Key Similarities

  • Both have outstanding track records for customer services and compliance.

Key Differences

  • Nationwide Incorporators are attorney-run, giving an enhanced understanding of compliance.
  • Nationwide Incorporators are BBB registered.

Customer Service

Upon reading the many positive reviews available online, it is clear that both companies take customer support very seriously. Before, during, and after the formation process, you can contact either company via email, an online form, or their respective phone lines, and they will help with your inquiry.

Key Similarities

  • You can contact a helpful customer support team via phone.

Key Differences

  • Nationwide Incorporators are BBB registered and provide more comprehensive customer service.
  • While they don't offer legal advice, they are attorney-owned and run, meaning you may be able to stave off hiring legal representation for some time by relying on their expertise.

Structure Breakdown

BizFilings and Nationwide Incorporators are great options for your business filing, offering many additional services as well as their online incorporation service, expedited turnaround times, document filing services, and many more services to meet your business needs. However, let's look at how each performs in terms of individual business types to get a feel for which will best meet your needs.

LLCs: Choose BizFilings

A limited liability company is the most popular way to do business. BizFilings offers a high-quality LLC formation service comprising a name availability check, filing services, and brilliant customer support. Customer reviews speak highly of their services, too.

Nationwide Incorporators also offer brilliant services; however, the best LLC service for most would be BizFilings, as their LLC formation package is both comprehensive and competitively priced. BizFilings also allows business owners to define their operating agreement, which defines essential things like the LLC's interests, financial distributions, and ownership percentages.

Corporations: Choose Nationwide Incorporations

Nationwide Incorporations offers full, professional services in setting up a corporation. Corporations have more guidelines and legal nuances than an LLC or Partnership, meaning you'll want their attorney-based knowledge on your side when it comes to setting up an S or C corp. Overall, Nationwide Incorporations offers trusted, reliable business incorporation services.

Partnerships: Choose BizFilings

Nationwide Incorporations don't offer you the ability to set up a partnership, so BizFilings has to win here. BizFilings can help you file for a DBA for your partnership.

Non-Profits: Choose BizFilings

Non-profits often have limited funding, meaning that BizFilings' low-cost non-profit formation services are ideal here. BizFilings can help you with all areas of establishing the non-profit, a business structure that has many benefits, including tax exemptions and grant writing.

The Last Word

After comparing BizFilings and Nationwide Incorporators, you should better understand which offers the best for your business. The additional features, professional services, and support provided by both are industry-leading, and the meticulous care taken with your formation documents will be exemplary with both.

However, neither offers sole proprietorship, and Nationwide Incorporators offer somewhat pricy packages. They are attorney-owned and run, which gives you the benefit of a unique experience in this area.

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