When you start a new business, you'll already have enough to be concerned with before you get into the legal aspects of company formation. Thankfully, you can make things easier by turning to a professional business formation service. Two great service providers are Rocket Lawyer and Nationwide Incorporators. Let's look at a detailed breakdown to see what each provider has to offer you.

Rocket Lawyer vs. Nationwide Incorporators: The Verdict

Nationwide Incorporators was founded in 1997 by business attorney Mike Ross. While the company is based on his legal expertise, they don't offer legal advice, and it's not a replacement for a law firm. Nationwide Incorporators are Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited with an A+ rating, one of the main selling points is the company's reputation. Pricing is quite expensive, particularly when compared to Rocket Lawyer, though it may be worth it as Nationwide has more premium packages and clearer expedited filing times.

Rocket Lawyer was formed later in 2008 but has already helped more than 20 million businesses form, so they're not new on the scene either. They are also BBB accredited and have competitive pricing when compared to Nationwide Incorporators. One thing that sets them apart is their dedication to offering legal advice alongside excellent customer support. You can save hundreds of dollars on attorney fees by signing up with Rocket Lawyer.

Choose Rocket Lawyer if:

  • You need legal help
  • You want excellent customer support

Choose Nationwide Incorporators if:

  • You value an older service provider
  • You want premium packages

Services Offered & Pricing

Nationwide Incorporators has three pricing tiers starting at $200, and registered agent services are extra, starting at $150. Rocket Lawyer's pricing at $99, plus $149.99 for registered agent services, is more affordable. You'll also receive a discount if you have a monthly membership ($39.99 per month).

Nationwide's pricing model is traditional, with multiple pricing tiers ascending in order of features such as priority processing and additional software. Rocket Lawyer offers just two options - a one-off LLC formation service for $99 and a monthly subscription that includes free LLC formation in addition to on-call attorney services. The formation processes are similarly convenient and streamlined. However, Nationwide Incorporators don't offer support for business owners entering into a partnership.

Key Similarities

  • The registered agent service is around the same price

Key Differences

  • Nationwide Incorporators has multiple pricing tiers; all are more expensive than Rocket Lawyer
  • Rocket Lawyer's focus is on legal services
  • Only Rocket Lawyer will allow you to start a partnership

Rocket Lawyer Packages & Pricing

Unlike Nationwide Incorporators, Rocket Lawyer only offers two pricing options. You can subscribe to a monthly plan or buy a one-time package.

Monthly subscription - $39.99/month

Using the monthly subscription, you'll receive all-inclusive LLC formation services, in addition to a free trial (7 days). You'll also receive a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Services included in the monthly subscription package include:

  • Company formation
  • Access to an attorney
  • Document creation
  • 30-minute legal consultation whenever you begin a new project
  • Attorney reviewal of all documents

One-time incorporation service - $99.99 + state filing fees

This one-time purchase is only for LLC formation. You will have to purchase any additional services separately.

  • Business name availability check
  • Cloud storage and hard copies of your documents where necessary
  • Unlimited customer support

Registered Agent Service - $149.99

Rocket Lawyer's registered agent service costs $149.99, though this is discounted by 25% if you have a membership.

Nationwide Incorporators Packages & Pricing

Nationwide Incorporators offer three packages, but you should be aware that their registered agent services cost an extra $150 per year; state fees are in addition to this.

Basic Package - $200 + state fees

The Basic package offers:

  • Business name availability check
  • Articles of organization
  • Sample minutes and bylaws

Priority Deluxe package - $425 + state fees

The Priority Deluxe package gives you the same base features as the Basic package, plus:

  • Expedited processing
  • A personalized minute book
  • Custom organization minutes, stock ledger, bylaws, and stock certificates

Priority Premium package - $475 + state fees

The Priority Premium package takes the benefits of the Priority Deluxe package and adds key additional features:

  • Banking resolution
  • Tax ID number
  • Two years of MinuteMinder service for free ($250 value)

Document Management & Online Experience

Rocket Lawyer has a secure online cloud management system. They also provide everything you need to create new legal documents online with their electronic signature service. Nationwide Incorporators, while secure, try to do a little bit of everything, with comprehensive price breakdowns and educational materials to help you set up your business entity. However, it can be a bit clunky and hard to navigate because there is so much going on. Some customer reviews indicate that a smoother interface is in order.

Key Similarities

  • You can do everything you need to online
  • Both websites are very secure

Key Differences

  • Rocket Lawyer's website is excellent and straightforward; Nationwide Incorporators could do with some tweaks

Processing Time

Rocket Lawyer's processing time is quite unclear; while they advertise expedited processing from $60, it's hard to know their exact turnaround time. Nationwide Incorporators offer clearer lead times, but it comes at a price - you'll need to pay more than $100 for expedited processing. Still, your formation documents will be filed within two business days.

Key Similarities

  • Expedited filing is available

Key Differences

  • Rocket Lawyer's turnaround times are ambiguous
  • Nationwide Incorporators have more expensive expedited processing

Compliance & Track Record

Nationwide Incorporators boast BBB accreditation and great customer reviews. The company also openly states that customers can "check with the Texas Secretary of State to confirm we exist and are in good standing." Rocket Lawyer also has great customer feedback and BBB accreditation. Nationwide Incorporators have been around for longer, but Rocket Lawyer has formed more companies.

Key Similarities

  • BBB accreditation
  • Excellent online reviews

Key Differences

  • Nationwide Incorporators have been around for longer than Rocket Lawyer
  • Rocket Lawyer has formed more businesses than Nationwide Incorporators

Customer Service

Rocket Lawyer has excellent customer support services, with years of experience providing attorney services and comprehensive customer service. You can contact the customer service line between 9am and 9pm. You can also contact them via email and live chat if you prefer. Rocket Lawyer has a 30-day refund policy, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Nationwide Incorporators can be contacted via an online form, but it's better to call them between 9am and 5pm for a timely response. The customer service offered by both providers receives positive reviews on Trustpilot and other third-party review sites.

Key Similarities

  • Depending on your business needs, you have multiple options for customer support

Key Differences

  • Rocket Lawyer offers a refund policy and attorney review
  • Nationwide Incorporators have more restrictive customer service support hours

Structure Breakdown

Your business needs will affect your experience of the formation process. If you're forming an LLC, you'll likely have a different experience than an entrepreneur setting up a 'doing business as' agreement (DBA). Small businesses and large corporations also have different needs; let's look at how each service provider performs for each business entity.

LLCs: Choose Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer has formed millions of limited liability companies and can help you form yours; if you subscribe to a monthly plan, you'll also receive an attorney review of documents and additional legal services. Rocket Lawyer is more affordable for basic LLC formation, costing $99 + registered agent costs unless you're a monthly subscriber. Nationwide Incorporators will charge $200 + registered agent fees ($150); they don't offer anything extra for this cost.

Corporations: Toss Up

If you're setting up a corporation, you should consider either a premium package with Nationwide Incorporators or a monthly subscription with Rocket Lawyer.

A premium package with Nationwide Incorporators will give you banking assistance and two years of free MinuteMinder (worth $250), but if you choose a monthly subscription with Rocket Lawyer, you'll receive free legal services and other services add-ons.

Partnerships: Choose Rocket Lawyer

Nationwide Incorporators doesn't offer dedicated support for partnerships, meaning that Rocket Lawyer wins this category by proxy. That doesn't mean they're not a great option, though. Rocket Lawyer has formed millions of business entities and can give you everything you need to set up a successful partnership agreement.

Non-Profits: Choose Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is more affordable than Nationwide Incorporators. Still, they don't offer any additional value for money, meaning that a non-profit organization will find it difficult to justify the expense. Rocket Lawyer has years of experience forming all business entities, including non-profits; you'll be glad for the attorney to review your documents when applying for non-profit tax status.

The Last Word

Rocket Lawyer and Nationwide Incorporators represent two great service providers, but Rocket Lawyer is clearly your best option if you're looking for an affordable option. If you're looking for additional services, though, such as annual reports, federal tax ID, and banking resolution, then Nationwide Incorporators may be worth the additional expense.

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