When forming a new company, you may choose to use an incorporation service to form your entity. There are countless incorporation services that offer a wide range of service quality and prices, so it can be overwhelming to decide which one to go with. Entrepreneurs already have enough on their plates on top of trying to figure out which incorporation company is best suited for their needs.

In this article, we will review InCorp, one of the companies available for incorporation services. Below, you will learn what entities they can help you form, the packages they offer, their processing times, and more.

Interested in InCorp?

About InCorp

InCorp is a registered agent, entity formation service, and corporate compliance company. They aim to take care of all your legal and incorporation business needs. They have been around for over 20 years and generally receive positive reviews from their customers.

They provide services in all 50 states, Washington D.C., the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), Puerto Rico, and even provide services internationally in Canada and the Bahamas.

Their staff includes over 85 employees, putting them in the middle range when it comes to company size. They are small enough that you will not get lost in a vast corporate bureaucracy, but they will still provide a vast array of services, unlike smaller companies.

On top of filing and incorporation, InCorp also provides a service they call EntityWatch. EntityWatch is a system that monitors Secretary of State offices and compares that data to the database they have on file, which allows them to notify you if anything about your standing has changed or if your agent has been charged without your notice.

Structure Breakdown: Who is InCorp Good For?

InCorp can help with a range of business types, from LLCs to partnerships. Most importantly, they can act as your registered agent.


LLC or Limited Liability Company is a simple and flexible business model that protects the business owner from legal liability by separating the business owner from the business itself.

InCorp allows you to form an LLC in all 50 states. You can use their online system to file for an LLC using their secure order system. They will also provide assistance if you want to incorporate or form the LLC yourself.

LLCs require a registered agent for statutory purposes, and InCorp can act as the registered agent for your LLC. As LLC formation is one of the most common entity types, InCorp has plenty of experience helping customers with the creation of LLCs and has various plans to assist with people’s varying needs.


There are two types of corporations: S and C corporations. C corporations are generally considered the default form of corporation. C corporations pay corporate income tax, and then employees or owners pay income tax on whatever they receive as income.

Although most people chose to file as C corporations to take advantage of lower corporate taxes, many entrepreneurs still prefer to form S corporations. The difference is that in an S corporation, the corporation does not pay tax, and instead, the company owners report the company’s revenue as personal income.

InCorp can help you form your corporation in any state. They have an online filing system people can use, or they will provide assistance to anyone who wants to file themselves.

Like LLCs, corporations need a registered agent, and InCorp provides this service so that you can get your business going.


Limited partnerships are agreements in which two or more “general partners” manage a business, while other “limited” partners merely provide capital. These partnerships protect the limited partners, making sure they are not liable for anything more than their initial capital investment.

InCorp will assist you in drafting the partnership agreement and show you the best organization to ensure maximum protection, as well as acting as your registered agent.

Sole Proprietorships

Sole proprietorships require less registration than LLCs, so there is less need for InCorp’s services. However, InCorp may provide you with a DBA (which stands for Doing Business As), which will help you with advertising and marketing. InCorp can also act as your registered agent if need be.


InCorp provides no information about their services related to starting non-profit organizations.

InCorp Packages & Pricing

InCorp claims they will not only match - but beat - any competitor’s price on a comparable service. Their price matching means that if you can find a price from one of their competitors that is lower than theirs for the same service, they will lower their bill below their competitor’s.

However, it is worth noting that they reserve the right not to match the price if they believe their competitor is offering an inferior product. Discretion is left up to InCorp as to what qualifies as an inferior product, but if they deny your request, they claim that they will provide detailed reasoning as to why.

Here is a list of the services Incorp offers and the individual pricing offered for each service.

Their a la carte prices are:

  • Registered Agent (1 year) $99
  • Registered Agent (2 years) $89.10/year
  • Registered Agent (3 years) $80.52/year
  • Registered Agent (5+ years) $66.56/year
  • Corporation or LLC Formation $99
  • Foreign Qualification Registration $149
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number) $69
  • Certificate of Good Standing $35
  • Corporate Dissolution $99
  • Amendment $99
  • DBA (Doing Business As) $99
  • Managed Report Service $49

Overall Value vs. The Competition

InCorp offers very cost effective services that can definitely compete with other similar companies. However, one downside is that InCorp does not offer package deals like most other incorporation services.

Therefore, as far as prices go, InCorp is a good deal for individual services, but there are better offers for large bundles of services.

An important thing to note when trying to assess the cost of InCorp’s services is the additional fees beyond the listed price. For instance, InCorp lists LLC preparation and filing at $99, but that does not include a mandatory $18 shipping fee. It is also important to consider that the prices they list are only for their services and do not include any state filing fees.

One huge offering of InCorp is the differently priced registered agent service based on the number of years they provide. The more years you purchase up front, the more you save.

InCorp Document Management & Online Experience

InCorp has an effective online document management system. You simply log in using the client login portal on their website, and you gain access to your documents, calendars, and EntityWatch. This portal allows you to track the status of your documents and view upcoming filing deadlines.

This document management system is useful for keeping up to date with filing deadlines and can advise you if there are changes to your corporate registration. You can also use their online management system to track your forwarded mail and pay various state invoices. It is a useful tool that any busy entrepreneur will appreciate.

InCorp even has an app for IOS available on the Apple store called Entity Management System (EMS), which allows you to view your document status on the go.

InCorp’s online experience’s main drawback is that their website tries to do too much at times. As you scroll through the website, various dropdowns or pop ups will block you from seeing what you are trying to read, which can be distracting and irritating.

However, overall, InCorp’s online design is easy to use and provides useful services.

InCorp Processing Time

InCorp does not provide a detailed timeline on how long filings take, as the timeline for the process can be dependent on the state in which you are filing. However, they do claim to strive to have among the fastest turn-around times in the industry. With InCorp, you get the fastest turn-around time possible without having to pay for expedited service.

Because processing time depends heavily on the timeline set out by individual states, if you want to know how long filing will take, you can call InCorp’s phone number or use their website’s messaging system.

InCorp Compliance & Track Record

InCorp has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and generally receives positive reviews from their clients. Most clients give them five-star reviews, and those who give them one-star reviews on the BBB site receive a response from InCorp, either explaining the situation or resolving it.

According to the Better Business Bureau, InCorp does not have any open complaints, and all previous complaints have been resolved amicably. Every reviewer of InCorp on Trustpilot gave the company five stars.

The majority of complaints against InCorp revolve around attempts to cancel their contracts. If you want to cancel your contract with InCorp prematurely, it seems that you will have to pay fees, generally in the hundreds of dollars.

The obvious way to avoid this problem is to only commit to paying them to be your registered agent for the years you need them. While the 33% discount on the five-year registered agent plan is worth it, you should understand when you are purchasing it that there is a cancellation fee.

InCorp Customer Service

The customer service team at InCorp has good availability, but you cannot reach them 24/7. Their customer service is available from 6 am to 6 pm Pacific Standard Time or 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time, from Monday to Friday. These hours mean you will not be able to reach them on weekends, and they observe most major holidays.

However, you can call them anytime during the above-stated hours with whatever questions you have for them. They also have an online chat function that allows you to speak with a representative from any of their departments using instant message.

If you can not reach them because it is outside of their office hours, you can still find a lot of the information you need using the client portal.

The Last Word: Is InCorp Worth It?

InCorp’s competitive pricing and quality of work mean they are worth using if you need a registered agent or you want to form an LLC. Their online portal and document management services provide an invaluable organizational tool to busy entrepreneurs.

Their a la carte pricing means they are ideal if you need them to provide just one or two services for you. However, if you are starting from scratch and need many services, their lack of bundles means you could likely receive all the services you need at a lower price from another company.

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