is an LLC formation company that helps customers register businesses as an entity, whether it be an LLC, corporation, partnership, or even non-profit. In addition to helping fill out and file business entity forms, Incorporate offers registered agents to help keep papers organized and stay compliant.

In this full review, you'll learn if would be a good pick for your business needs.

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About has a long history that dates back to the early 1900s. It started as Corporation Service Company (CSC) after the merger of two separate firms founded by Delaware attorneys Christopher Ward and Josiah Marvel.

These two men came up with the idea to start firms that helped businesses become corporations. In 1899, when the idea became a reality, Ward and Marvel operated separate companies, but they merged two decades later.

Since the formation of Corporation Service Company, the business has gone through multiple name changes and a full design makeover. CSC has also been known as The Company Corporation before finally changing to

Throughout the decades of operation, this company has successfully created over 750,000 LLCs and corporations. They don't just help build the company, but they also offer other services to help these businesses stay compliant and legal.

It now operates as out of Wilmington, Delaware, and employs numerous staff, many of whom were business owners or entrepreneurs. They offer expert consultations, draw up and file legal documents to form business entities, and help their thousands of clients keep their licenses current and valid.

Structure Breakdown: Who is Good For?

Incorporate offers a wide range of services for various types of business entities. Whether you want to start up a one-person LLC business or register a company that will sell stock shares, Incorporate can assist you. Here are the different types of companies handles.

LLCs offers reputable assistance for LLCs (Limited Liability Company). When you use a registered agency like Incorporate, the company fills out all of the steps necessary to file as an LLC.

All of Incorporate’s packages include the forms needed to turn your business into a Limited Liability Company.

Incorporate also helps determine if you should set your company taxes to a sole proprietorship (for one owner). This allows you to file your business expenses on your personal taxes.

All LLC companies must have a registered agent listed for legality purposes. This agent should have a physical address in the state where you want to operate, even if you don't have a physical store. It's possible to act as a registered agent yourself, but hiring a professional saves you time and the issue of misunderstanding the laws or deadlines.


Incorporate also manages the formation of C or S corporations. Corporations are better for owners who plan to seek investors for expansion, allow shareholders, and want to receive financing.

Most corporations have a multi-owner situation, where shareholders with stock in the company also own a percentage of ownership. C corporations pay owners a salary, excluding taxes. The rest of the profits go to the shareholders as dividends. can assist you with the filing of your corporation, and a $75,000 compliance guarantee. For an extra cost, they also offer corporate bylaws, EIN services, and tax assistance like annual reports.


Another entity option that Incorporate can assist business owners with is setting up partnerships. Partnerships are a business arrangement between two or more partners who own equal or slightly unequal parts of the company.

When you use a partnership, each business owner reports their income and losses on their personal taxes. The issue with partnerships is that a lawsuit can be filed against one owner by a disgruntled client instead of addressing both owners. Plus, claims can occur against the business or even the company owner's personal assets.

Partnerships are one of the easiest company types to start. can assist you with the partnership agreement, which is the main necessity for forming this type of entity.

Sole Proprietorships

With a sole proprietorship entity, there's only one owner. Unlike corporations or LLCs, operating a business as a sole proprietor does not separate your personal finances from your business ones. This means that a lawsuit could occur against your home, personal bank accounts, and other valuables. does not assist with sole proprietorships because there is not much paperwork involved in starting one.

Taxes are filed as a personal income tax rather than a business tax. Owners can claim any gains or losses as part of their annual income. It's not usually necessary to have a registered agent for sole proprietorships, but it can help when it comes to filing paperwork, especially in states with stricter business laws.


You can even use Incorporate to set up a non-profit organization. Companies that are primarily based in charity, science, education, and religion can set up an NP organization.

Managing a non-profit requires different tax statuses and filings than traditional businesses. Allowing Incorporate to assist you in setting up a non-profit can help your organization become eligible for limited liability protection, grants, and perpetual existence. Packages & Pricing offers a three-tier package system.

It is worth noting that none of these packages will include a registered agent. You'll have to pay an additional $235 a year for an agent.

Most other sites do not require you to pay extra for having a registered agent assist you through the whole year. Many of these other companies include that in their regular fee.

Now, here's a quick breakdown of what each package covers.

Starter Package - $99 ( Plus State Fee)

The cheapest option you can find with Incorporate is $99 a year. This price may seem like a bargain, but you will be surprised to see that the package does not include much.

  • Prep and file articles of organization - The articles of organization are the documents that officially register an LLC in your state. With this package, Incorporate creates and files your completed forms for you.
  • Name Availability Search: Incorporate will also complete a name search in the official state databases to ensure your chosen LLC name is available.
  • Documents Available Online: With this package, you'll also get access to an online portal, where all of your LLC documents are safely stored for easy viewing.

Essentials Package - $249 ( Plus State Fee)

With the Essentials package, you get the features of the Starter package, plus these additions:

  • EIN (Federal Tax ID Number) - An EIN works like a social security number. You can use this number to pay your business taxes, open bank accounts, hire employees, and more. You can acquire an EIN from the IRS, but with the Essentials package, Incorporate does the work for you.
  • Seal and LLC Kit - This feature is more of a novelty than an actual business necessity. You'll receive a binder with a customized decorative seal and your company name printed on the front.

The Works - $349 (Plus State Fee)

For the price of $349, you can get all the works, including all of the options above of the two previous packages, plus:

  • Research Package for Business License: Incorporate identifies the required tax registrations, permits, and licenses you will need for your LLC. They supply you with the necessary applications and provide instructions for filling these out and filing them.
  • Operation Agreement: Your operating agreement outlines the company's ownership infrastructure and operational procedures. With this package, Incorporate will create a draft for your business.

Overall Value vs. The Competition is a good option for basic filings needs, however their packages are lacking compared to cheaper and more comprehensive services like ZenBusiness or Incfile. Document Management & Online Experience offers users a secure online customer portal to view and manage documents, keep up with important dates like renewals, and track history and reports.

All of your information is kept secure, so you won’t have to worry about hackers getting your personal data or selling your information to third-party sites.

When you use a registered agent with Incorporate, they receive any legal mail that might be sent to your business and scan these into your portal for easy viewing.

Having all of your documents online and at your fingertips provides easier access for organization and management.

However, it may take a few days to weeks before your forms and papers are added to the system. If time management is crucial for you, consider an expedited membership.

You can get alerts when documents are available that you need to review, fill out, or file. Moreover, you can set up notifications reminding you of deadlines or important dates. You have to pay extra to use the CSC Navigator, the online tool that manages these alerts. Processing Time

The processing times for uploading documents vary for Incorporate, but it seems to be a reasonably fast process. The timeframe can vary by state.

There is an option to expedite your documents if you need a quicker turnaround time. This will speed up the time it takes for your documents to be ready. It can go from taking a few weeks down to only a few days, again varying by state.

Signing up for expedited processes does have a higher price tag than waiting for standard delivery. However, if you want to stay on top of things and get updated as soon as papers come in, the extra cost may be worth the investment. Compliance & Track Record

Despite decades of operation, there are few reviews available for or any of its previous names. Given that reviews are a new trend, many established companies are still not rated or reviewed by customers, regardless of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

With that in mind, they do have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. There were zero reviews listed, but nine complaints have been settled in the last three years.

On their site, they feature multiple reviews from customers. Each of them listed features such as experienced and friendly staff, easy processing, and organization. Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, many of us prefer to choose companies with a strong reputation. has average customer service that can vary by the representative. Some may go out of their way to be friendly and helpful, while others may not be as eager to help.

You can contact customer support by email or phone. To send an email, fill out this form, which requires you to add a subject, your name, and contact info. It also provides an empty box for you to include your message. Incorporate typically responds within one business day. You'll also have to answer a simple question to prove you're a real person.

If you need immediate help or prefer to talk to a person over the phone, you can call 1-855-236-4043.

There's also a helpful chat feature. Choose existing or new orders to open a new chat window where you can get instant help.

The Last Word: Is Worth It?

A basic subscription to have your company's LLC forms filled out and filed can cost you $99, but this cost does not cover the price of using a registered agent. The extra fee for an agent is $235 a year. While does offer more expensive packages with additional features, most of these are not necessary for a successful business operation.

If you're looking for an affordable company that offers access to a registered agent, you may want to seek an alternative option. However, if you're okay with not having an agent but want help with your paperwork, may be a reasonable option for your business.

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