Setting up a business involves lots of paperwork and legal knowledge making it challenging to stay on top of things.

CSC Global provides registered agent services, helping clients set up an LLC, corporation, or other entities.

Many entrepreneurs use a registered agent to focus on the back-end and ensure their business meets all state requirements that occur yearly.

This article features a CSC Registered Agent service review by exploring which businesses they can assist, packages and pricing, track record, customer service, and more.

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About CSC Registered Agent

CSC is a leading global provider of legal, tax, business, and digital brand services. This company ensures business compliance on all levels and protects its clients’ brands online.

CSC partners with 90% of Fortune 500 companies, over 10,000 law firms, and 65% of the most popular global brands.

This company has been around since 1899, making it one of the oldest entity-forming companies. It first began as an investment company, later merging and expanding to other services and other countries. This small company in Wilmington, DE later became an influential force in business.

They have several offices in the United States, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Canada. In 2017, they opened a 148,000 square foot state-of-the-art headquarters in Delaware.

CSC continues to provide top-notch services in different markets, such as corporations, small businesses, law firms, lenders, capital markets, and real estate.

CSC’s clientele is mostly big corporations, protecting their intellectual properties and securing digital assets.

They also make sure their clients meet annual obligations on a state-level as a registered agent, with a portal to view documents and keep track of deadlines.

Overall, CSC provides countless services on a worldwide scale to some of the biggest brands.

Structure Breakdown: Who is CSC Registered Agent Good For?

CSC offers an array of services for small businesses and corporations. Although they provide services for non-profits, partnerships, and sole proprietors, CSC is the best fit for large-scale companies.


CSC provides registered agent services for LLCs. They will send emails about essential filing deadlines, help with franchise tax payments, assist with business license renewals, provide annual reports, and more.

CSC electronically manages documents into SOP Manager that receives, scans, indexes, and distributes information within 24 hours.

The company keeps records of the Articles of Incorporation, EIN tax information, and any litigation they may receive. If you receive mail using CSC as the business’s address, the company scans and uploads, allowing you to view them in the system.

You may also order a Certificate of Good Standing to ensure your compliance is in good standing, or renew a business license in the future.

CSC prices are much higher than the competition for LLCs.


CSC specializes in corporations, going through the process with clients which include:

  • Choose a company name and an available URL
  • Register the URL with their domain services
  • Choose the state you want to register the business
  • Choose S or C Corp
  • Appoint CSC as registered agent to handle legal summons
  • Obtain an EIN
  • Open a bank account
  • Apply for licenses to operate the business

From there, CSC provides other services such as brand protection and digital security to protect trademarks. If your business offers items that can be easily counterfeited, CSC scans marketplaces like Amazon to pull suspected counterfeit items on your behalf.

If you want to merge with another corporation, CSC also offers a Corporate Merger to ensure a smooth transaction. Having a registered agent such as CSC on your behalf may save time, as the process is complicated from a legal standpoint.


CSC assists limited partnerships and is popular with law, accounting, and finance firms. Partnerships tend to focus on time-restricted projects such as real estate.

CSC Registered Agent receives documentation and legal forms for the entity and may also serve other aspects of the partnership.

For instance, its corporate tax or real estate services may be beneficial for partnerships along with having CSC as a registered agent.

Sole Proprietorships

CSC provides registered agent services for sole proprietorships with the full benefits of using the SOP Manager. However, a sole proprietorship may not benefit from some CSC registered agent services as no state filing is required.

Brand protection to further protect from liability or legal services may benefit a sole proprietor if registered agent services are also chosen.


CSC has a Charitable Services division that ensures clients comply at the state level.

CSC’s Charitable Services include:

  • Determining the status of the company’s charitable registrations
  • Preparing registrations and renewals in your state
  • Submitting renewals electronically on your behalf where permitted
  • Monitoring and managing renewals, due dates, and submitting fees on your behalf
  • Helping file extensions at the state level

CSC does not draft non-profit Articles of Incorporation or other documents. However, CSC does provide registered agent representation if a company switches to CSC.

CSC Packages & Pricing

CSC provides a wide range of services that cater to both small businesses and large corporations. Their services are more comprehensive than the competition, covering corporations, law firms, small businesses, lenders, capital markets, and alternative investments.

Corporation Services - price varies

CSC does the most for corporations, including:

  • Entity management services to store and safeguard data
  • Registered agent services which include document retrieval, Certificates of Good Standing, annual reports, and corporate filings
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) searches, filings, and management services for capital finance, leasing enterprises, commercial banks
  • Control of digital assets with brand protection using domain management security and protection against fraud
  • CSC Corptax to provide corporate taxes efficiently
  • Offers their wholly-owned subsidiary Delaware Trust to assist with pre-closing

Some notable companies like Twitter and Apple use CSC domain services for protection, as well as Gilead Sciences, Air China, United Airlines, and others.

The pricing is high-end for these services, not including using CSC as a registered agent. Expect to pay upwards of 4 figures for the same services big tech and other industries use.

The quote-pricing for S Corp and C Corp as a registered agent varies between states, similar to the average competition.

Law Firm Services - price varies

CSC provides services to law firms with the following:

  • Registered agent services, using their SOP Manager for document retrieval, Certificate of Good Standing, corporate filings, and legal information
  • Annual reports to support international compliance efforts and to assist with permit and business license requirements in 160,000 US jurisdictions
  • The use of their Delaware Trust
  • UCC portfolio management services, searches, and filings
  • Digital asset protection
  • Corptax to comply with tax laws, obligations, calculations, and reports

To obtain pricing, CSC requests contact information for a quote based on your state. More than likely, the pricing will be on the high-end.

Small Business Services - price varies

CSC provides services for small businesses, such as:

  • Help with forming entities such as LLC or non-profit
  • Registered agent services to receive legal documents and view them through CSC Navigator
  • EIN and 501(c) status for non-profits
  • Assistance with bylaws and operating agreements
  • Help with registering your business in other states
  • Help with ongoing compliance, including annual reports, business license information, offering a Business License Compliance Package

Packages and prices vary depending on the state, and additional services and range between $300 to $500.

Lender Services - price varies

CSC provides services to lenders to reduce risk, such as:

  • UCC search, filing, and portfolio management, and monitors UCC filings for expiration or continuation
  • Financial institutions can benefit from using CSC’s Delaware Trust
  • Using eRecording solutions to submit real estate documents electronically to county records in the US
  • Providing registered agent services to follow through with compliance and representation
  • Digital asset protection using CSC brand services

Package and pricing vary, although using all of these services may be more than $1,000 a year.

Capital Markets Services - price varies

CSC provides services to various capital markets across the globe, including:

  • Special purpose vehicle management
  • Independent director needs
  • Trustee and agency commitments
  • Accounting requirements
  • Analyze and innovate with clients
  • Corporate Trust and Agency Services

To receive an accurate pricing estimate, you need to send in a request online.

Alternative Investments Services - price varies

CSC provides solutions worldwide for the following:

  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Real estate
  • Private debt
  • Fund of funds
  • Other alternative investment strategies

For accurate pricing, contact CSC for more details.

Overall Value vs. The Competition

For small businesses, CSC Registered Agent Service is exponentially more expensive than the competition. You'll be better off going with ZenBusiness or another more affordable option that is designed for small businesses. However, if you're a large corporation that can afford their services and could benefit from some of their other premium services, CSC might be worth a second look.

CSC Document Management & Online Experience

The online portal, named CSC Navigator, also known as the SOP Manager, is easy to use.

Through the CSC Navigator, clients can:

  • View time-sensitive deadlines on a calendar
  • Track order status
  • Review payments and invoices
  • View corporate filings and SOP documents
  • Live chat for support
  • Access litigations, contracts, licenses, deals, corporate legal documents, and more

Through chatting with support in CSC Navigator, you can do the following:

  • Assess compliance status of entities
  • Research business licenses
  • Prepare time-sensitive filings
  • Register foreign qualifications
  • File new entity formations

CSC Navigator also allows access to other platforms, as many of their clients use more than one service.

CSC DealRoom is one such platform, which covers business license compliance offerings.

NameProtect monitors brand and trademark aspects online, combined with CSC Domain Manager for digital asset protection.

The Global Subsidiary Management window includes CSC Entity Management, Corporate Health Check, and Annual Compliance Support.

If you do not want to see other services, you can request not to see them on the dashboard.

Overall, the dashboard is easy to use, and all documents are easily accessible. All of your licenses and data related to your portfolio will be in one place as long as you’re a customer of CSC.

CSC Processing Time

CSC processes filings within 3 to 5 business days. However, during the busy months of March, June, and December, they may take up to 3 to 4 weeks to process.

There are expedited options available, such as:

  • 30-minute service before 9 pm: $1,500
  • One hour before 9 pm: $1,000
  • Two hours before 7 pm: $500
  • Same day before 2 pm: $100 minimum, $200 maximum

To use the 30-minute option, you must already use them as your registered agent and be in good standing.

CSC Compliance & Track Record

There are mixed reviews online, with larger name brands, in particular, expressing appreciation for CSC and their services. The digital services branch provides reviews recommending CSC for protection, domains, and security.

However, the reviews are from their website, with testimonials from larger corporations, do not really give an unbiased view.

Regarding legality and compliance within state requirements and others, there is no definitive answer. However, the company’s presence for 120 years assisting billion-dollar corporations may signal that they are compliant.

Additionally, CSC’s Corptax software has excellent reviews that aim to comply with state requirements and others regarding taxes.

CSC Customer Service

The over-the-phone customer service is very responsive.

There are four options:

  • For existing customers
  • For inquiring customers
  • To speak with a receptionist
  • To connect with an extension

If you cannot reach someone specific, you can speak with a receptionist who can send you information regarding packages and pricing. The afternoon is the best time to talk with someone, although receiving emails about details after the call may take 1-3 days.

Some online customers expressed frustration with CSC’s customer service, stating it takes several days to receive emails, with one person waiting more than 30 days. Other users receive tons of marketing emails without getting the chance to actually speak with someone.

However, CSC does respond to serious allegations and inquiries on their BBB page, which may come in handy if there is a dire issue.

The Last Word: Is CSC Worth It?

Overall, this CSC registered agent service review unveils that CSC is best for corporations and not fit for sole proprietors.


  • Globally recognized brand with hundreds of partners within Fortune 500
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Phone service is quick to answer and friendly
  • Strong brand protection through their digital asset service
  • A comprehensive suite of services if you want to use other programs along with registered service agent assistance


  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • Lack of reviews online from real people, possibly because their clients are from prominent brands
  • Complaints about customer service slow to respond to emails

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