When setting up a new business, you'll have to consider many things. One of the easiest ways to cut down on your workload is to turn to a business formation service. An incorporation service can help you set up your business and manage various aspects afterward (annual reports, compliance services, etc.). Let's compare ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings side-by-side to see which is best for you.

ZenBusiness vs. Swyft Filings: The Verdict

ZenBusiness is a service provider that specializes in LLC formation services, with reliable services starting from just $49. Despite opening its doors in 2015, ZenBusiness has already helped thousands of people and aims to open more than 1 million businesses by 2025. ZenBusiness is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited and has excellent customer reviews online.

Swyft Filings is also relatively new, opening its doors in 2012. Despite being years older than ZenBusiness, Swyft hasn't achieved BBB accreditation and has fewer positive reviews online. Still, they have similar pricing to ZenBusiness and offer some of the same additional services, such as domain services. Swyft Filings offers more rush filing options. However, it's important to note that Swyft Filings outsources many of its services. ZenBusiness is generally more reliable than Swyft Filings for this reason.

Choose ZenBusiness if:

  • You want to save money
  • You want a BBB accredited provider

Choose Swyft Filings if:

  • You don't mind third-party services
  • You want more rush filing options

Services Offered & Pricing

ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings offer similar pricing and services, with prices beginning at $49 and even the basic packages offering free tax consultations. The more expensive packages show a more significant price difference, with ZenBusiness' Pro package costing $199 and Swyft Filings' similar package costing $149. However, one letdown with Swyft Filings is the registered agent service - or lack of it. Swyft's packages don't include a registered agent service, and you'll need to pay $149 for this even if you're employing the most expensive package.

Key Similarities

  • Domain services in some packages
  • Accountancy help is available
  • There are similar pricing options, and the cheapest option is $49

Key Differences

  • ZenBusiness offers a free registered agent service (for the first year)

Swyft Filings Packages & Pricing

Like ZenBusiness, Swyft offers several packages for you to choose from.

Basic package - $49 + state fees

The Basic package, which costs $49 (plus filing fees), includes the bare bones of business formation, plus a few extras, including:

  • Business name availability check
  • Access to your legal documents online
  • 1-hour business tax consultation
  • Free domain name
  • 14-day free trial of compliance services

Standard package - $149 + state fees

The Swyft Filings Standard package includes the Essential package services plus additional services, including:

  • Assistance with banking resolution and corporate bylaws
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN) assistance

Premium package - $299 + state fees

The highest price package costs $299 plus filing fees; it includes the above plus adds three extra services. These include:

  • Customized digital corporate kit, including custom compliance tools
  • Free website creation and hosting for three months
  • Free expedited filing

ZenBusiness Packages & Pricing

Starter package - $49/year

ZenBusiness' cheapest packages include all of the basics you need, plus extras including registered agent services and an assessment with an in-house accountant. It's one of the best-priced packages available and includes:

  • Free operating agreement
  • Customer support through phone and email
  • Filing articles for companies
  • Complete access to necessary paperwork and document for your LLC
  • One-year registered agent services with LLC formation (only $119 for subsequent years)
  • Worry-free CPA assessment with an in-house accountant - includes recommendations for accounting software and licensed CPAs

Pro package - $199/year

The Pro package includes all of the above, plus extras such as domain name assistance, enhanced filing speed (7 business day turnaround), EIN/Federal Tax ID, and banking resolution.

  • Acquisition of Employer Identification Number (EIN) needed to file your LLC taxes and open a bank account (the service costs $70 extra if purchased separately)
  • Domain name registration ($25)
  • Excellent filing speed (formation documents completed within one week)
  • Worry-free guarantee, which includes insurance on document filings to keep them in good standing if they're not submitted in time

Premium package - $299/year

The ZenBusiness Premium package includes all the Starter and Pro package features and extra perks.

  • Expedited filing speed
  • Business email address
  • Domain name registration and name privacy
  • 100% accuracy guarantee
  • Business website to allow customers to establish an online presence at a very reasonable price

Document Management & Online Experience

ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings offer similar online services; since they are relatively new providers, they are comfortable in the digital age. You can access all of your documents, including your articles of organization, bylaws, and other documents included in the formation process. All of your legal documents will be scanned and available online, and physical copies can be requested at any time. Swyft Filings offers a 10-15 minute sign-up process, but it's hard to beat ZenBusiness' 5-step process. Still, the overall service provided is very similar.

Key Similarities

  • You can do everything you need to online
  • You can request physical copies of your documentation

Key Differences

  • ZenBusiness offers a smoother sign-up process

Processing Time

Swyft Filings offers expedited processing, but the turnaround time can vary as your location will affect what service you can use. For example, it takes up to 15 business days in Delaware, but the express option takes just three days. However, in New York, there is no rush option (but there is an express option). ZenBusiness' is simpler to understand than the more expensive LLC formation packages, including expedited processing, but you can't purchase it on an individual basis.

Key Similarities

  • Fast processing

Key Differences

  • Swyft Filings has unclear processing times
  • ZenBusiness includes expedited processing on a package basis

Compliance & Track Record

ZenBusiness has an excellent compliance record despite being so new, with BBB accreditation and excellent customer feedback. Swyft Filings has good Trustpilot reviews but hasn't obtained BBB accreditation yet. Overall, they could enjoy better reputations, but ZenBusiness wins in this category.

Key Similarities

  • There are no compliance issues

Key Differences

  • The Better Business Bureau accredits ZenBusiness

Customer Service

Still, ZenBusiness' stellar customer service, supported by the BBB and available via email, phone, and live chat, is hard to beat. Swyft Filings customer service seems average, though the learning center on the website provides an extensive Q&A if you need help. They also offer a refund policy (less the cost of state fees) if you're unhappy with the offered service.

Key Similarities

  • Online FAQs

Key Differences

  • ZenBusiness has a live chat

Structure Breakdown

With a service provider, the experience you have depends on what add-ons you need and what business entity you're setting up. That's why we've compiled a structure breakdown to help you decide which service provider will help you more.

LLCs: Choose ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is one of the best LLC services, and if you're starting a limited liability company, it's a no-brainer. Between affordable pricing and excellent customer service, you have no reason not to use ZenBusiness. While Swyft has similar pricing, they don't include registered agent services, making them much more expensive in the long run.

Corporations: Choose ZenBusiness

As with forming an LLC, you'll need a registered agent service when you start a corporation, but business owners that choose Swyft Filings will have to pay much more for this. Swyft Filings charges $149 for something that ZenBusiness will give you for free; in addition to this, ZenBusiness' corporate clients have left excellent customer feedback, meaning ZenBusiness wins this category too.

Partnerships: Choose ZenBusiness

Out of these two, only one company offers support for partnerships: ZenBusiness. ZenBusiness can help you decide and set up a partnership, starting from just $49.

Non-Profits: Choose ZenBusiness

Swyft doesn't have many reviews for non-profit services, but ZenBusiness is growing a reputation for excellent support for non-profits. While neither service provider has the most extensive experience, ZenBusiness is dedicated to helping all non-profits achieve the charitable tax exemption, 501(c)(3) with the IRS.

The Last Word

If you're looking for a modern, reliable provider without upsells, you should consider ZenBusiness. Swyft Filings has some benefits, but they have a higher price point without offering additional services that justify the price leap.

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