When you open a business, you have various issues to consider. You can consider using an LLC formation service to ensure you spend your time wisely and make life easier. If you choose the right service, it's as simple as paying for your LLC formation package, sitting back, and waiting for the professionals to do the work. But there are hundreds of service providers - it can be hard to know which is best, which is why SunDoc and Incfile will be analyzed side-by-side to help you decide which is best for your business.

SunDoc Filings vs. Incfile: The Verdict

SunDoc and Incfile offer excellent formation services, but Incfile offers critical advantages over SunDoc, which we'll be looking at. The first key advantage is the price - Incfile provides a free package. While it doesn't offer much, the free package does include a free registered agent service.

SunDoc offers speedy, high-quality service with excellent customer support. SunDoc even hand-courier documents to the secretary of state to improve their lead times. SunDoc's registered agent service costs over $150, and they don't provide any registered agent services outside of California. But they're probably not worth the high fee unless you are operating out of California.

Choose SunDoc if:

  • You're operating out of California
  • You want speedier services
  • You want a BBB accredited provider
  • You're starting a partnership

Choose Incfile if:

  • You want more affordable services
  • You're operating out of any state

Services Offered & Pricing

The services offered are similar, but Sacramento-based SunDoc offers unique benefits to those operating out of California, such as hand-couriered documents to expedite the filing process. This is a service that Incfile doesn't offer.

But the pricing is quite different. Incfile's start at $0, including a registered agent service, whereas SunDoc's services start at $99 and don't include registered agent fees. You'll need to pay $159 for this. You'll also need to pay $70 for an EIN (which Incfile will provide for free in the $149 Gold Package). Overall, Incfile is much cheaper and offers comparable services.

Key Similarities

  • You'll pick from several package options
  • You can form a corporation, LLC, or non-profit

Key Differences

  • SunDoc is aimed at California-based companies
  • SunDoc is more expensive than Incfile

SunDoc Filings Packages & Pricing

SunDoc Filings offers several packages - Basic, Key, and Premier. The prices include the basics but not the state fees. The Basic package will also incur an additional attorney fee.

Basic Package - $79

This package only includes the basic filing service; it doesn't include preparation or reviewing the documents (such as the articles of organization). You'll need to pay extra for an attorney to review your paperwork if you choose this.

Key Package - $99

This is the real 'Basic' package, as for an extra $20, SunDoc will complete a business name check, prepare your documents and complete your business formation.

Before they submit your articles of organization, SunDoc will check with the state to be sure someone else has not already claimed your business name.

Premium Package - $279

This robust package includes everything in the Key package as well as:

  • EIN
  • Corporate kit and seal
  • S Corporation filing

Every business needs to have a federal tax ID number, a FEIN, or EIN - this is your business's social security number. SunDoc acquires this number for you from the IRS in the Premier package.

Incfile Packages & Pricing

Incfile offers a variety of services to help new and existing businesses; though they're best known for business formation, they can also help you manage legal and compliance afterward. Let's take a look at some of the packages on offer.

Silver package - $0 (not including state fees)

Incfile's basic package is free (aside from state fees) and includes:

  • Assistance with preparing and filing the formation of the company
  • One year of free registered agent services
  • A statement from the organizer

Gold package - $149 (not including state fees)

The Gold package is one of the most popular and includes a little more assistance, but you'll need to pay quite a bit more than the Silver package. The Gold package includes everything in the silver package plus:

  • Unlimited name searches
  • EIN tax number
  • IRS form 2553
  • Help with making an operation agreement
  • Business bank account assistance
  • Company alerts
  • Online access dashboard
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Business banking account
  • Business tax consultation

Platinum package - $299 (not including state fees)

Despite being the most expensive, the Platinum package doesn't offer enough extras to be worth it if you're on a budget. But it's worth it if you want domain services and don't mind paying a little extra. This package includes:

  • Business contract templates
  • Expedited filing
  • A domain name and business email

Document Management & Online Experience

The document management experience offered differs a lot - Incfile offers a custom dashboard where you can access whatever you need, and you can print your operating agreement or other incorporation documents easily. SunDoc doesn't allow for online access to your documents, though the website is safe, easy to use, and includes educational resources. SunDoc can get you 'quick' access to your documents, but they don't keep any files on hand, so it's still slower than Incfile.

Key Similarities

  • Safe and easy to use websites

Key Differences

  • Incfile has easier document management
  • SunDoc doesn't keep your documents on hand or allow online access

Processing Time

Turnaround times can be speedy with both options - Incfile offers expedited processing which can bring your processing time down to 24 hours. SunDoc offers expedited processing, and a courier can also deliver documents personally, which can speed things up as you won't rely on the postal service. Expedited services start at $50 with Incfile and $85 with SunDoc.

Key Similarities

  • Expedited filing is possible

Key Differences

  • SunDoc's processing is faster, and Incfile's is cheaper

Compliance & Track Record

While both businesses can keep you legally compliant by offering services such as annual report filing, Incfile has a poorer compliance reputation. They had a spate of bad customer reviews and even lost Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. While they're fighting to turn that around, they don't compare to SunDoc's unblemished record and A+ BBB accreditation.

Key Similarities

  • Compliance services are offered

Key Differences

  • SunDoc has a better compliance record

Customer Service

SunDoc offers great customer service with a small, dedicated team based in Sacramento. Calls are answered promptly, and everyone is happy to help. SunDoc has a limited number of third-party agents in other states. Still, the customer service can be variable as they are not SunDoc employees, just representatives that can provide some advice/assistance with filing documents.

Incfile is slowly turning around its poor reputation with a near-perfect score on Shopper Approved and improving customer feedback on Trustpilot. They have a live chat that provides prompt responses and assistance regardless of where you are in the formation process. Overall, you can trust both providers, as they provide excellent services with no upselling.

Key Similarities

  • Excellent, trustworthy customer service

Key Differences

  • SunDoc has a small, personal team
  • Incfile has a live chat service
  • SunDoc has a better reputation

Structure Breakdown

The experience you have with a service provider depends heavily on the structure you're setting up - a small business owner starting a limited liability company will have different needs and experiences to a large corporate client needing additional services such as legal services.

LLCs: Choose Incfile

SunDoc offers unique benefits, such as hand-delivering formation documents to the California secretary of state. But the benefits of this filing service stop there; it's an expensive business formation service and only offers true benefits to those living in California. For most people, Incfile is a cheaper, better alternative, albeit a slightly slower one.

Corporations: Choose Incfile

Incfile offers cheap, easy-to-use formation services with a customer support team that is steadily improving. It's one of the only formation companies that provide free service. SunDoc is more expensive and doesn't offer as many corporate services (business banking resolution).

Partnerships: Choose SunDoc Filing

Incfile doesn't offer partnership services, but SunDoc can help you form a DBA or partnership agreement. Online reviews submitted by partnerships formed by SunDoc Filing services praise the phone support offered.

Non-Profits: Choose Incfile

Incfile offers assistance for non-profit business entities, including add-ons. Non-profit tax status can be challenging, but customer reviews reveal that Incfile has many happy non-profit customers.

The Last Word

Considering an incorporation service for overall value and peace of mind, you should consider Incfile. But SunDoc does offer some benefits, too. SunDoc will personally deliver your documents to the California Secretary of State, a unique benefit that expedites your services. Still, their services outside of California can be variable - especially as registered agent services are expensive and not available in all states.

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