You have enough to worry about when you're setting up a new business. It can quickly feel like you're thrown into a sea of jargon set to catch you out, which is why business services that deal in company formation are becoming more and more common. Two such services are Nationwide Incorporators and Incfile; they'll be compared side by side to help you decide which offers the best formation services for you.

Nationwide Incorporators vs. Incfile: The Verdict

If you're looking for an excellent LLC formation service, both make an excellent choice. Incfile and Nationwide are both experienced LLC providers with competitive rates. However, Incfile is considerably cheaper with packages starting at $0 (you only pay state filing fees), whereas Nationwide Incorporators will charge you $200 for a comparable service.

An excellent advantage of using Incfile is the one year of registered agent service you'll receive with every package. Although Nationwide Incorporators offers registered agent services, it's purchased separately. Incfile is more beneficial in terms of financial cost and general offerings.

Choose Incfile if:

  • You want to gain additional services
  • You're forming an LLC
  • You want a free registered agent service
  • You want to get domain support

Choose Nationwide Incorporators if:

  • You want an attorney-owned business entity to handle your formation
  • You want to have a better turnaround time

Services Offered & Pricing

Overall, the services offered are quite similar, and they both enjoy good reputations alongside accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The difference comes in terms of pricing. For the same service that Incfile offers you for free, you'll need to pay at least $200. Nationwide Incorporators are among the more expensive providers on the market, whereas Incfile represents a solid budget option. Incfile also offers to file your annual reports, but Nationwide Incorporators don't seem to offer this service.

Whether you choose Nationwide Incorporators or Incfile, expedited filing and registered agent services are offered, sometimes for a fee.

Key Similarities

  • You can set up a new LLC, non-profit, or corporation with both
  • Registered agent services are available
  • You can expedite filing for a fee
  • Positive customer reviews

Key Differences

  • Nationwide Incorporators represent a more expensive option; Incfile is much cheaper
  • Nationwide Incorporators are attorney-owned
  • Incfile can handle your annual reporting and other add-on services

Incfile Packages & Pricing

Incfile can help your business with several different services, including legal help. The price of this will depend on your state and the package you choose. Other services, such as accounting and annual reporting, may also be available. Here are the packages provided:

Silver Package - $0 (not including state fees)

Incfile doesn't charge anything for the Silver package; just keep in mind that the state fee is still due either way. The Silver package includes:

  • Assistance with filing the formation for your company
  • A year of free registered agent services
  • A statement of the organizer

Gold Package - $149 (not including state fees)

The Gold package is a higher-tier package for those needing more assistance. It's a good middle ground for those wanting to keep expenses low. In addition to what's in the Silver package, the Gold package includes:

  • Unlimited business name searches
  • EIN tax number
  • IRS Form 2553
  • Help with making an operation agreement
  • Banking resolution
  • Company alerts
  • Online access dashboard
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Business banking account
  • Business tax consultation

Platinum Package - $299 (not including state fees)

The Platinum package is the most expensive offered by Incfile; it's not ideal for small businesses on a budget.

The Platinum package includes everything that is included in the Gold package and also includes:

  • Business contract templates
  • Expedited filing
  • A domain name and business email

Nationwide Incorporators Packages & Pricing

Here are the three package tiers available from Nationwide Incorporators. Remember that none of the prices include any state fees or registered agent service. The registered agent service costs an extra $150 per year.

Basic Package - $200 + state fees

The basic package is already quite a bit more expensive than Incfile's offerings and includes:

  • Business name check availability for your state
  • Preparing and filing your Articles of Formation
  • Customized action by Incorporation electing your first Board of Directors
  • Sample minutes and bylaws

Priority Deluxe Package - $425 + state fees

The Deluxe priority package will give you access to everything from the above plus:

  • Faster turnaround times
  • Personalized minute book
  • Custom bylaws
  • Custom organization minutes
  • Custom stock certificates
  • Custom stock ledger

Priority Premium Package - $475 + state fees

You can get everything in the above plus the addition of:

  • Preparation of Federal application for tax identification number (EIN)
  • Obtaining EID from Internal Revenue Service (so you can open a corporate bank account immediately)
  • Two years of MinuteMinder service for free (valued at $250)

Document Management & Online Experience

Incfile has a complete online dashboard that lets you manage every business area. Nationwide does too - but they go an extra mile with comprehensive guides that provide you with step-by-step assistance in managing your business, including full price breakdowns. You can access your operating agreement, articles of organization, and other legal documents for download. The websites are both encrypted and secure.

Key Similarities

  • Encrypted, secure websites. You can manage everything online
  • You can be sure your documents are taken care of

Key Differences

  • Nationwide Incorporators provides more learning resources

Processing Time

If you purchase a priority Deluxe package, Nationwide Incorporators will expedite your order as standard. But if you didn't, you can still pay a fee (usually around $100) to expedite your order. Incfile's expedited processing fee starts at $50. Processing time varies by state; expedited filing with Incfile can bring processing time for the formation process down to a few weeks. Nationwide Incorporators guarantee to file within two business days, but the final processing time still lies with the state.

Key Similarities

  • Expedited processing is available for a fee

Key Differences

  • Expedited processing is cheaper with Incfile
  • Expedited processing is faster with Nationwide Incorporators

Compliance & Track Record

Incfile has a spotty track record - while they've improved considerably and seem committed to fixing their reputation, they did lose their BBB accreditation due to unanswered complaints.

On the other hand, Nationwide Incorporators is run by a business attorney and has nothing but positive reviews. They provide a business formation service that can help you with all business licensing requirements compliance requirements, and they're also registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Key Similarities

  • Commitment to compliance

Key Differences

  • Nationwide Incorporators has an unblemished compliance record
  • Incfile lost its BBB accreditation

Customer Service

Nationwide Incorporators has always had excellent customer service; their years of experience, attorney review, and steadfast customer support are what their customers appreciate.

Incfile has recently expanded its customer service team to improve its reputation, and it seems to be working; according to Shopper Approved, Incfile has an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Their ratings for customer service, product satisfaction, and price satisfaction are all 4.4 stars or above. Both are available during standard business hours, and Incfile has a live chat.

Key Similarities

  • Availability during standard business hours
  • Helpful and friendly customer support

Key Differences

  • Incfile has a live chat
  • Incfile has had more issues with customer complaints and compliance

Structure Breakdown

Now that you've had an in-depth look at what each service provider offers let's look at what each filing service offers each formation structure.

LLCs: Choose Incfile

With a free LLC formation service and free (for the first year) registered agent services, it's hard to beat Incfile. They also offer thorough and fast document filing, a website that rates well for ease of use, and other benefits with their no-hassle incorporation services. For that reason, if you're setting up a limited liability company, you should consider Incfile.

Corporations: Nationwide Incorporators

Incfile's main business sphere seems to be LLC formation packages; while they can help you set up a corporation, Nationwide Incorporators specialize in this area. Most of their clients are setting up a corporation, and their additional features and stellar customer service make them an ideal choice for this.

Non-profits: Nationwide Incorporators

Incfile doesn't seem to provide dedicated support for non-profits. However, Nationwide Incorporators have packages specifically for non-profits. They can assist you in forming your non-profit and applying for tax-exempt status.

The Last Word

Incfile offers the best LLC services but has a spotty track record. On the other hand, Nationwide Incorporators offer more reliability and customer support, but they're a lot more expensive. On the whole, it's worth going with Nationwide Incorporators if you're creating a corporation or non-profit. Neither company can support you with a partnership.

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