If you're getting ready to register your business as an LLC or corporation, you are probably aware of the paperwork needed to file your company. Managing and forming a legal entity can be very stressful. This is why working with an incorporation company can be beneficial.

IncParadise is a registered agent and incorporation service that provides quality services recognized across the community.

In this article, we will review IncParadise, explain how the company works, and what they're best at. Read on to find out more about this company and see if it's the right fit for your business.

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About IncParadise

IncParadise is owned by the parent company EastBiz.com and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. John Vanhara started EastBiz.com in 1999, and it was initially a software company. Two years later, John shifted the business from software to an incorporation service. They primarily help companies incorporate in Nevada, but they grew to accommodate all 50 states over time.

IncParadise has been around for over 20 years, and in that time, it has incorporated 15,000 companies.

IncParadise can help you form an LLC or a corporation. Once your incorporation is done, they can then help you maintain your company through services like mail forwarding, amendments, dissolutions, and more.

Structure Breakdown: Who is IncParadise Good For?

IncParadise is experienced in helping businesses with their incorporation needs. Keep reading to see which types of companies are a good fit for IncParadise.


IncParadise can help you form an LLC. LLCs (Limited Liability Companies are often best for smaller businesses or ones that are still growing and are owned by one person or a small group of people.

IncParadise can form an LLC in all 50 states, but their specialty is Nevada. If your business isn't in Nevada, but you wish to incorporate there, IncParadise has several options to help you with that. Nevada has some of the most lenient business tax laws in the country.

As a Nevada registered agent, they'll provide you with a physical address in Nevada, forward your mail, and more. Once the LLC is complete, you can order a binder with all of your necessary documents in one place.


IncParadise is licensed to set up corporations, which are better suited to larger businesses with multiple shareholders and a more organized corporate structure. If your business is looking to bring in investors, a corporation is a wise choice since most investors would rather invest in a corporation than an LLC. Incorporation is best for businesses that are looking to grow.

IncParadise can help you decide if an S or C Corporation is right for you and your business. The main difference between the two is that the company itself is responsible for most state and federal taxes in a C Corporation. In an S Corporation, the taxes are paid by the shareholders. There are some situations where an S corporation is more advantageous, especially if you're a small business looking to grow in the future.

IncParadise is also well-positioned to help you incorporate your business. IncParadise's three-step process to incorporation makes it easy. Once you've completed the necessary paperwork, your registered agent will take care of the rest. Once incorporated, you can order your binder with all of the required information.


If a partnership owns your business, IncParadise can help you become an LLC or a corporation. It's beneficial for you and your business partners because you'll no longer be held liable for your business.

The business will be a separate entity, and in the event of unpaid debt or a lawsuit, you won't have to pay from your personal finances. IncParadise can help you through each step of the process.

Sole Proprietorships

IncParadise can help you manage aspects of a sole proprietorship, like getting a DBA. They can also act as your registered agent, which is not required for a sole proprietorship, but is still helpful.


If you're a non-profit organization, IncParadise can help you register as a non-profit. Registering as a non-profit allows your organization to be tax-exempt, depending on how your organization works. They can go over your organization's details with you and help you develop the best plan of action. IncParadise currently only registers nonprofits in Nevada.

IncParadise Packages & Pricing

Nevada Corporation (S or C Corporation) - $859

The total cost to incorporate is $859. The price is $75 for the state fee and $89 for IncParadise's service fee to create an entity. Expedited filing and standard or email shipping are free. The initial list and NV business license are $695.

You can label IncParadise as your registered agent for $89 a year. At this time they only offer a registered agent to customers in Nevada.

Nevada LLC - $559

The total cost to set up an LLC in Nevada is $559. This cost breaks down to the NV state fees and IncParadise's fees, which total $164. Expedited filing is free with your order. But if you wish to have them as your registered agent you are required to pay an extra $89.

If you choose to have your information shipped through the standard USPS or emailed, that's free as well. The LLC NV initial and NV business license are $395. Your initial minutes are free.

Nevada Corporation and LLC Add-Ons

IncParadise offers several add-ons to make the process run more smoothly and help you run your LLC or corporation. Here is a list of the potential add ons you can purchase.

  • Registered agent: $89 a year and $40 for each year after that
  • Organizational meeting: $25
  • Expedited shipping in the states: $30.50
  • Expedited shipping internationally: $74.25
  • Certificate of good standing: $70
  • NV Apostille: $94 or expedited for $294
  • Corporation or LLC kit: $98
  • Mail forwarding plan: $129 a year with a fee of $5.50 per mailout or $280 with no mailout fee
  • EIN: $45
  • Business license research report: $99

Overall Value vs. The Competition

Nevada is one of the most expensive states to start a business in. But there are for sure benefits in having a business in the state. An LLC is usually less expensive than a corporation, and you'll be subject to the tax laws in your state. Most states have the same available add-ons, such as a certificate of good standing and corporate kits. You'll need to check your individual state to see if they offer what you need.

IncParadise is one of the most expensive services we have seen on the market. Just naming IncParadise as your registered agent costs $89 for one year and for basic filing of an LLC they charge $164.

If you need other services outside of licensing, IncParadise has you covered. They can take care of Nevada state filings, such as dissolutions, foreign qualifications, and reinstatements. These services range from $89 to around $200, with additional fees for fast shipping and expedited filing.

IncParadise Document Management & Online Experience

Once you've placed an order for an LLC or a corporation, IncParadise will set you up with an account for their client portal. You can manage almost all aspects of your account through this portal. The company has recently updated its user interface, and you can now access almost anything you need from the dashboard.

Most of your business documents will be managed through the portal. You'll upload documents here, and you can also access any documents as you need them. If you have multiple businesses registered with IncParadise, each will be listed on your dashboard. You won't need to create a separate account and log out/log in to view each one. They're all right where you need them.

The portal also allows you to place orders for any new services you may need instead of ordering through the main website. If you've chosen to use the mail-forwarding service, you can manage it from your dashboard.

IncParadise Processing Time

IncParadise is pretty quick when it comes to processing time. Turnaround times generally depend on the state where you want to file. If you file outside of Nevada, you're looking at anywhere from four to six weeks. If you need to speed up the process, you can usually pay an extra fee to expedite things.

If you file in the state of Nevada, the process can take seven to ten business days. In some cases, it can take as little as three business days.

IncParadise Compliance & Track Record

IncParadise offers lots of information on how to keep your business compliant. They also have services to help you stay compliant. They seem to have an excellent knowledge of Nevada state law. They've been helping businesses to incorporate since 2002, so you can trust that they're an established company.

You won't find many reviews online for IncParadise, but the ones you do find are favorable. Customers report on their fast turnaround time. They also commend IncParadise's knowledge of Nevada law when it comes to forming an LLC or corporation. Customers also really like the app and how easy it is to navigate through their website.

IncParadise Customer Service

IncParadise makes it easy for you to contact them if you have any questions or concerns. Their phone number, along with their business hours, is prominently displayed at the top of each screen.

Customers report that when they need help, it's easy to get in touch with a person from the company. They're happy to answer as many questions as you have and want you to feel comfortable throughout the process. Customers think that IncParadise makes the process straightforward while still wanting to work with customers individually to meet their needs.

Customers appreciate that the company is thorough and diligent when it comes to handling their mail. They make it easy for customers to access their mail, see what they need, and then have it delivered to them.

The Last Word: Is IncParadise Worth It?

In closing, there are a few pros and cons to consider when it comes to IncParadise:


  • Makes it easy to file for LLC or corporation
  • Offers reasonable pricing when filing in NV
  • Client portal makes it easy to find what you need


  • Decent rates for filing in states outside of NV, but other companies offer more at the same price.
  • Only one tier of services and add-ons can get expensive

Overall, IncParadise is a solid choice for filing an LLC or corporation in the US. However, they're best-suited for filing in Nevada and offer the best rates for this service.

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