If you are looking to start a new company or expand your current one, it may be helpful to use a third party as your registered agent.

While you can act as your own registered agent, having a designated person or team act as your registered agent can save you the hassle and the stress of managing your legal and tax paperwork.

The Corporation Trust Company, founded in 1892, provides registered agent services at a price. This company has made an internationally recognized name for itself by delivering high-quality registered agent services.

Read this review to learn all you need to know about who Corporation Trust Company is, what they offer, how much their services cost, and whether or not they’re the right pick for your business.

Interested in CT Registered Agent?

About CT Registered Agent Service

Corporation Trust Company, or the CT, is a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer, the international information services company, and is based in New York City. Donned one of the “Big Four” registered agent firms globally, CT is used by lawyers and over 300,000 businesses in the United States for its registered agent services.

What CT offers is a comprehensive registered agent service that is stress-free and easy to sign up for (simply fill out the online form on their website). A registered agent is required in every state, and CT is highly reputable across the world for its reliable services.

The company has three separate packages, all of which include the main service they render: a registered agent. The registered agent will handle all of the critical daily paperwork for your business, from lawsuits to annual reports and tax forms. In addition, they can handle all services of legal process notifications to keep your business from defaulting.

Beyond the main package, which includes only a registered agent, the two other packages include incorporation filing and qualification filing, respectively. The incorporation package consists of a team of experts in business incorporation. And if you sign up for the qualification package, you will be assigned a team to help you register your existing business in another state.

Structure Breakdown: Who is CT Registered Agent Good For?

CT will act as a registered agent for any business. Every business can use a registered agent, and most are required to. LLCs, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, and non-profits must have a state filing and a registered agent. On the other hand, general partnerships and sole proprietorships are not required to have a registered agent, but CT offers services for these kinds of businesses as well.


CT will handle all state filing and registered agent services for LLCs, both of which are required by law in all US states. An annual report is also typically required of LLCs, and CT will handle all paperwork associated with the proper filing.

LLCs are not typically taxed at an entity level when it comes to taxes meaning that each member of the LLC will pay tax on their earnings individually. However, an LLC can elect to be taxed as a corporation. In any case, CT will notify you of all tax deadlines to ensure your business stays in good standing.


Both S and C Corporations must appoint a registered agent, file in a particular state, and make a first-year IRS election. CT can help with notifications and paperwork related to filing all of this as well as the incorporation services required of S and C Corporations and qualification services for those wishing to expand.

S and C corporations also need to file an annual report. CT can help file this report and keep your company notified about related deadlines.


General partnerships are not required to have a registered agent, but CT can still act as a registered agent for companies who still wish to elect one. In this capacity, CT will handle all time-sensitive legal paperwork: they will notify you when it is time to file taxes and handle all service of process notifications.

Sole Proprietorships

Sole proprietorships are also not required to have a registered agent, though CT can still act as a registered agent. CT can help with all legal paperwork. A sole proprietorship is not a taxable entity, so all taxes must be handled by the individual or their accountant.


Non-profits are required to have a registered agent and to file in the state they’re based. CT can provide registered agent services and handle all time-sensitive legal documents.

CT Registered Agent Packages & Pricing

The primary aim of CT’s services is to offer comprehensive registered agent services. In general, CT registered agents can help you with UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings, DBA (Doing Business As) Certificates, apostille and gold seal authentication of business documents for overseas use, business form conversion, amendments, receiving an EIN (Employer ID Number), and more.

CT offers three main packages that business owners can choose from. What package you decide on will depend on the kind of business you’re opening.

Registered Agent Services - $329/year

This basic package allows you to use CT as a registered agent who will handle all business and legal mail, forward it to the proper place, and keep you abreast of legal deadlines. Additionally, every company that registers with CT gets access to its online portal, a 24/7 hub with up-to-date info on deadlines and other notifications.

At the time of writing, the registered agent services are $329.00 yearly.

Registered Agent & Incorporation Filing - $729/year

In addition to the registered agent services listed above, this package includes a team of experts that will help you incorporate your business. CT will make sure your business’s name is available and complete all Articles of Incorporation filing within your chosen state.

At the time of writing, the registered agent and incorporation filing services are $729.00 a year. This cost does not include the cost of state filing.

Registered Agent & Qualification Filing - $729/year

This is an alternate package that helps with the qualification filing of your business. In addition to the registered agent services, this package will assign you a team of experts to handle all qualification filing.

At the time of writing, the registered agent and qualification filing services cost $729.00 yearly. This does not include the cost of state filing.

Overall Value vs. The Competition

CT offers a comprehensive service, but at a cost. This company is one of the most well-known of all registered agent services, and with this name comes the best of the best in registered agent talent. But it all comes at a high price.

Smaller companies generally seem to seek cheaper registered agent services, while many large corporations swear by CT.

The price doesn’t really make sense for sole proprietorships and general partnerships. CT, with its massive staff and broad national reach, is perfect for large, multi-state corporations. CT can keep its prices high because it offers some of the most reliable heavy traffic services.

CT Registered Agent Document Management & Online Experience

With CT, managing your documents is very easy. Their online portal is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The portal is easy to use and highly intuitive. Individuals less familiar with computers may find the online portal somewhat perplexing at first. Still, a customer service agent is always available at CT to help with any and all questions related to the online portal or anything else.

Customers generally react very positively to the online experience with CT. The service is streamlined, and it is obvious to see what your documents are and what deadlines to watch out for.

CT Registered Agent Processing Time

CT has been in the business of processing annual report filings for a long time. As such, they have their business down to something of a science. They’ll be sure to alert you when it is time to prepare your annual report and give you plenty of time to do so.

Be warned that although CT can remind you to write up your annual report, it is still your responsibility to do so on time. Failing to submit this by the deadline can have severe consequences for your business’s legal standing within the state of operation. In the worst-case scenarios, this can lead to administrative dissolution--something to be avoided at all costs.

CT will be able to advise you on annual reports and keep you abreast of all deadlines. You can read what they have to say about report filing here.

CT Registered Agent Compliance & Track Record

CT has been in business since 1892 and has since grown to be a global compliance firm. The reviews of their services are universally positive. This company brings a level of expertise to all the ins and outs of registered agent services that put them at the top.

This company is extremely diligent at keeping you up-to-date on all business and legal requirements, paperwork, and service of process information so that you don’t default.

CT is very good at handling high mail traffic situations. Especially large corporate clients will find CT is exceptionally reliable and that the online portal is streamlined for clarity of process and ease of use.

CT Registered Agent Customer Service

CT has an excellent customer service department. They are accessible via email, phone, and chat during all business hours. With a large company like CT, you wouldn’t expect anything less: their customer service representatives are highly knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient.

The level of customer care is one of the primary reasons businesses stay with CT rather than downgrade to a cheaper registered agent service.

It is worth noting that the only real user reviews that are available online exist on the company’s own website. Though we trust that these reviews are honest, there may be filtering we cannot be privy to.

That said, in those reviews that are available, users of this service rate the in-person interactions extremely helpful and (thankfully) brief. Customers also like the different options for customer service afforded them: phone, email, and chat during business hours.

The Last Word: Is CT Registered Agent Worth It?

CT Corporation is the largest registered agent service in the country and therefore has an expansive reach over the market and a level of quality that is, if rivaled, never beaten. Though they are one of the most expensive registered agent firms globally, their team's size and the extent of their expertise mean there will likely be no dissatisfaction in service, both on the customer satisfaction side and the registered agent services side.


  • One of the best-known global compliance firms: highly reputable.
  • Friendly and reliable customer service.
  • CT has an online portal that is easy to use.
  • Comprehensive service for all registered agent needs.


  • Very expensive compared to the competition.
  • Relatively few customer reviews available on third-party sites.

CT is a registered agent firm whose high prices make the most sense for huge, multi-state corporations. S and C Corporations should both consider CT as a strong contender for registered agent services. In contrast, sole proprietorships and general partnerships should instead opt for one of the many cheaper, less comprehensive options available on the market.

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